From 03/27/2015 to 04/25/2015


04:27 PM Revision a0869461: Remove self that appear if sites_list is launched in one of drupal directories
Julien Enselme
04:24 PM Revision c45ffcc0: Scripts uses drush aliases, no need to go into the site's dir to launch commands
Julien Enselme
02:54 PM Revision fbb05e21: Weekly update of contrib modules
Assos Assos


12:28 PM Revision 630b51b4: Creation of site: scrocquevieille
Assos Assos


06:31 PM Revision d4c4525a: Use drush aliases to loop on all sites instead of sites.
Close #535 Julien Enselme
05:27 PM Revision 2f0625ee: Improve get_site_name_from_dir_name
Julien Enselme
05:21 PM Revision 6c6343d9: Improve the detection of default with the path of a site.
Use a utilitary function to extract the exact site name from a site path.
Close #572
Julien Enselme
04:53 PM Revision d3889c60: Correct import of
In bin/ and bin/ the script was executed, not imported. Julien Enselme


10:44 PM Revision f76f30e1: Weekly update of contrib modules
Assos Assos


11:16 PM Revision 653aeb8e: Various correction in scripts.
- All source imports use absolute path.
- Add comments.
- Create 2 new variables: d7_dir_all_modules and d7_dir_all_t...
Julien Enselme
10:58 PM Revision 3e47efa1: shouldn't use getopt
Close #534 Julien Enselme


10:46 PM Revision e3063c4a: Weekly update of contrib modules
Assos Assos


10:54 AM Revision d69c481e: Update CKEditor library to version 4.4.7
Florent Torregrosa
10:41 AM Revision 6ff32cea: Update core to 7.36
Florent Torregrosa


10:45 PM Revision 00c2605a: Weekly update of contrib modules
Assos Assos

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