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2e4bf8a3 01/10/2016 07:46 PM Florent Torregrosa

Issue #592: Remove lock on media and file_entity.

a5eb12a2 07/18/2015 11:55 AM Florent Torregrosa

Issue #592: Prevents media anf file_entity to be updated.

15ed27d8 01/15/2015 01:08 AM Julien Enselme

Use getopts to print help and to parse script arguments.

7e5f306e 01/14/2015 11:38 PM Julien Enselme

Remove with all its remaining usage.

Not needed any more. /home/assos/bin/ now relies on (in cron)

3e9236bd 10/14/2014 10:06 PM Julien Enselme

Update scritp so they respect the new convention.

  • Variables are quoted.
  • $(…) are quoted.
06e9d071 03/21/2014 03:42 PM Assos Assos

Maintenant en local dans le jail webassos #374

3bb7f8e0 03/13/2014 05:17 PM Julien Enselme

We must git add -A to take into account deleted files.

3eef768d 03/13/2014 05:15 PM Julien Enselme

Update chmod: all scripts are executable.

b50cb1c4 01/08/2014 11:49 PM Julien Enselme

We must execute git add $d7_dir_sites/all because modules can have new files.

1c1c5a42 12/14/2013 12:02 AM Julien Enselme

Script support git as described #343 to implement #191

1994f214 12/12/2013 10:08 PM Florent Torregrosa

Remove 'drush cc all' after 'drush updb' in d7 update contrib, with
drush v6 it is done with 'drush updb'.

39fbc513 09/12/2013 09:12 AM Julien Enselme

Update contrib\n\nAjout drush-all cc all

d52a5b2f 08/19/2013 07:52 PM Julien Enselme

Sprint réécriture des scripts

Les scripts ont été renommés et réécrits conformément à une convention
afin de les rendre plus modulables.